Friday, May 31, 2013


The JULEP website is my weakness! I probably need to stop the emails from them, because they always get my attention. They were recently advertising their new May Mystery Box. It promises $70-$200 worth of products for $25. How do you say NO to that? They also said that there would be an extra polish in this box to share, or in my case keep. While I was on purchasing that I glanced at the Maven Exclusive area, and saw that some people got lipsticks in their May box. I of course needed to try the lipsticks, so I had to order a different May Box than I received. So $45 later, I got a lot of great stuff!!

This is a different May Maven Box than what I received


Lady in Red-Sweet Lorraine-Charleston

These are all 6 of the nail polishes in my May Mystery Box 
($15 x 6 = $90 value & I paid $25)


I'm so very happy with my Julep purchase! 

<3 Julie


  1. That shade of red nail polish is gorgeous! Also I quite like the green one, I've never seen a shade like that before!

    Ria x

    1. The red is so classic, and ironically not a shade I even have in my collection! So I love it!